Anjum S. Ahmed, the Founder & Principal of Lahore Preschool and LEARNING ALLIANCE has been associated with the field of education since 1975. During the span of last twenty six years, Anjum Ahmed has mastered administrative abilities, coordinated programs and now conducts in house training of teachers and parents alike. After graduating in English Literature and Psychology she joined the Kano State Government Nigeria, as an education officer. Within a year she was promoted as the Vice Principal of Shekara Girls Boarding School, Kano. Upon her return to Pakistan, she worked as an administrator in two private schools in Lahore, from 1986 to 1990. She performed an instrumental role in the academic and administrative expansion of both the schools. In 1991 she established a private nursery in partnership and later Lahore Preschool came into existence as an independent venture in 1996. Lahore Preschool became the ultimate preparatory program and the most sought after pre-school in Lahore. By 1999 the increasing popularity of Lahore Preschool necessitated the extension of senior classes namely, LEARNING ALLIANCE.

Lahore Preschool and LEARNING ALLIANCE are co-educational institutions, and are reputed for providing essential academic discipline and promoting a learning community which excels in commitment, dedication and professionalism. It is a partnership of students, staff and parents united by the common value for excellence in education. It maintains high academic and behavior standards, which are both challenging and attainable. Exemplary teaching and a positive learning environment make these schools an ideal learning place for children.