We welcome you and your child to Lahore Preschool, where we encourage children to experience the joy of learning from an early age. Each child here learns at his/her own pace, and according to his/her own capacity in a non-competitive environment. We provide ample opportunity for cognitive, creative, physical and social growth. Our teachers are experts on the curriculum, learning techniques, and helping your child adjust to a new atmosphere. A true partnership that benefits your child is one where you and the teacher communicate and share information. Children learn most effectively through real experiences and in order to aid this process, we provide them with a thematic, integrated activity-based Learning Program, aided by the Montessori Principles.’
There are two terms in the Academic Year, the first is from September to December, and the second is from January to June. Summer vacation lasts approximately three months between June and August. Winter and Spring Break are granted in December and March respectively.
Class Strength: There are approximately 20 children in each class with a Student/Teacher ratio of 10: 1