At Lahore Preschool, children experience the joy of learning at an early age. We offer an activity based curriculum structured along the Montessori Principles. Children work at their individual pace and learn and grow in a non-competitive atmosphere. Teachers create a dynamic and interactive learning environment that encourages each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate and understand. Being a preparatory school, emphasis is placed on direct and indirect preparation for acquiring reading and writing skills at a young age.

Lahore Preschool classes are designed based on age group. The curriculum does not include exams, performance grades or tests. Students sit 2 annual assessments, based on which they are promoted to the next level.

The Montessori Principals based curriculum requires that children are placed in a well-planned and structured environment and focus on their individual educational needs. The children are free to follow their own interests within this planned environment, rather than being forced and pressured. This results in highly motivated children developing in a natural way. They establish good discipline and master basic skills at an early age, but at their own pace. The curriculum is carefully planned and our teachers are highly trained to conduct it in an effective way.